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A Commitment ceremony is a celebration of the bond of love between any two people, not necessarily same sex couples.

Many older [heterosexual] couples, widowed or divorced and now wishing to share their lives, are considering commitment ceremonies as an acknowledgement of their ongoing commitment to one another instead of marrying, with the aim and belief that this will less complicate legal wills especially where children and property are involved.

At this time in Australia commitments are not legally recognized as a marriage. However, if you are both residents of the state of Tasmania, 28 days after a commitment ceremony, application may be made to the Registrar of Births Deaths and Marriages to record your significant relationship. You may like to view the following site for further information

Commitment ceremonies can be celebrated publicly with family and community of friends, or as privately and intimately as desired.If you wish to sign a Significant Relationship document at the completion of your commitment ceremony you may do so.

Almost all the key elements of a traditional wedding ceremony can be found in a commitment ceremony. The celebration can be as rich with ritual, readings, poetry, music and song, dance, costumes or film, or as simple and unadorned as you desire.

You will need to think especially about the vows and promises that you will be making to one another.

Most importantly, your ceremony should reflect who you are and how you both feel about your relationship, your hopes and wishes for each other.

Your choice of ceremonial venue may be guided by mutual sentiment, for example where you first met or your favourite getaway location.

Timing for celebrations is often influenced by special anniversaries.

What next?

Make contact with me and lock in your chosen date and time.

We will then need to meet to get to know one another and to discuss questions or queries you may have.A non refundable deposit is paid at this meeting.
At that time I will either give you a package of information or organise to email it to you. This compilation of information contains samples of six ceremonies, additional readings, rituals, music etc to assist in the development of your personalized ceremony.

By mutual arrangement our liaison continues in person, by email, fax, phone or mail.

Close to the ceremony date, we meet again at the ceremonial venue, if possible, for a rehearsal, with as many members of the ceremonial group as possible.The remainder of your fee is also paid at this meeting.

For couples enquiring from overseas and mainland Australia

What does my fee cover?

Payment is calculated as follows: A non refundable booking fee of $100 paid on booking, or at the first meeting. The balance of $250.00 is paid prior to the ceremony, usually at the rehearsal. I accept direct deposit, cheque, money order or cash.

Additional costs may include:

A traveling charge if I am required to travel more than 80 kms – round trip. A PA system, if required and suitable to your needs, can be made available on a for-hire basis.

Did you know I also have a commitment/gay marriage ceremony e-book?