Divorce ceremony

If we commemorate most of life’s important events with ceremonies or celebrations why not include a divorce?

On the scale of stressful events in our lives divorce is up there with the most stressful. Divorce has the ability to change lives like no other event…..for better or for worse. It is recognized that divorce has the ability to affect people physically, psychologically, emotionally and spiritually.

So often the divorce process is long and drawn out and as a result producing debilitating negative feelings and interfering with quality of life of the couple and also children. Participating in a divorce ceremony to signify the dissolution of the bonds of marriage will help with the healing for all concerned. The divorce ceremony is intended to help resolve issues, say goodbye to the chapter of your life that brought you sorrow as well  as joy, acknowledge the good, the positive and give thanks. Acknowledge the bad, hurtful, toxic and assign it all to where it belongs – to the past, forgive the wrongs and assist with moving on and the healing process. A divorce ceremony can be the springboard from which you transition with preparedness to the next phase of your life.

A divorce ceremony can be conducted with one person; the husband or the wife; the couple together; the couple, their children and supportive circle of friends or any combination. The needs for every couple or person is different. It is important that at the outset the needs of the person/persons seeking a divorce ceremony are made very clear so that needs are addressed through the ceremony.

A divorce ceremony because of their positive outcomes could and should be considered as a celebration….a celebration of the beginning of a new life.

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