Divorce ceremonies

Life’s milestones in western culture are usually signified or observed by a celebration, a ritual or ceremony of some kind with family and friends………births, deaths, marriages etc.

Why do we do this? Apart from sharing happiness or or being supported in grief, human needs have to be fulfilled. Ceremonies and rituals add meaning and purpose to people’s lives and a a result our society benefits as a whole.

Statistics tell us that today over half of all marriages will and do end in divorce and because many divorces are acrimonious it means that thousands upon thousands of men, women and childrens lives are at risk of  being adversely affected. Even without the acrimony there are major adjustments to be made, many issues to be addressed. After a divorce, separation ceremonies offer an ideal forum for the identifying of many lingering feelings and thoughts and assist with the preparation and transition to the next phase of people’s lives.

Some divorces have been waiting to happen for years, marriages have been dysfunctional and hurting many lives. Many marriages have been physically or psychologically damaging over a long period of time where other separations and divorces have come ‘out of the blue’. No matter what the circumstances or time frames the divorce process can be damaging with some people never recovering to the point of never living a fulfilled and truly happy life again as they understand it.

With divorce there is often no closure, no healthy grieving process.The divorce document arrives in the mail and hey presto, you are divorced! You know you are ready to move on but so many people just can’t seem to do it somehow, or may carry past hurtful events around like a monkey on their back. Life after divorce is often consumed with a sense that ‘absolutely no-one else understands what you are going through’ and thoughts of  ‘and do they really care?’,  feelings of anger, depression, maybe even suicide….being tearful day after day and being consumed with feelings of vengeance towards certain other people.

A divorce ceremony is particularly helpful after having some therapy sessions or counselling for unresolved or deep seated issues. A divorce ceremony is where the good aspects of the marriage or relationship are remembered, acknowledged for what they were and the hurtful, damaging or toxic aspects of the relationship acknowledged then banished – washed away, burnt or buried where they belong. Forgiveness is given, apologies are said and here begins a new life. Separation ceremonies can play a big part in preparing the way for the next phase of life…..a better life.

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