A whole page in a recent national paper, was devoted to the rising popularity of elopements and the practicalities and the realities of elopement weddings as understood by the bride and groom  A couple who were planning a traditional wedding in the new year have decided to elope! A planned holiday in May is being turned into a much more exciting event. While away they are going to have an elopement wedding.

An elopement was their initial plan a year or so ago when they became engaged but they ‘chickened out’ and decided to go the civil ceremony path, mainly to satisfy the wishes of others. They have given it a lot of thought and the end result is that they feel their marriage is about them. They will take lots of photos of the event to share with family and friends on their return when they also plan to have a celebratory party.

The overall costs of an elopement wedding most times greatly reduces expenses which is a major plus factor for many couples who elope.

From a legal standpoint, as long as the correct documentation is submitted to a celebrant, officiant or registry office in the time prescribed they can plan to elope and marry anywhere, anytime. Rules do vary from country to country and from state to state in the USA.

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