Eloping – it’s gaining in popularity

Many couples are finding it’s such a simple, hassle free way, not only to get married but to have their commitment ceremony or to renew their marriage vows.

How is it done? Choose your date; choose your venue; find a celebrant or officiant at or near your destination and sort out the documentation required. While you are speaking with your celebrant ask how much input you can have into the formation of your ceremony. Ask about the provision of witnesses if required. Organize your transportation and accommodation. All you have to do then is arrange for a celebratory meal together and your celebration has been a relatively smooth process.

Why do couples elope? The stresses and strains of organising a celebratory event becomes too much when coupled with busy working lives. The escalating costs of attire, venues, food, beverages, waiting staff, photographers, cars…..even bouquets can be in excess of $170 each. Before you know it a wedding can consume more than the deposit for a new home.

Many couples come to the decision that they would be living up to the expectations of others when all along they felt that the event was really all about them. Combining a wedding, a renewal of vows or a commitment ceremony with a holiday is fast becoming a popular choice with many couples. Eloping no longer carries with it the stigma of yesteryear. No, and it’s your kids and mine who are doing it…..and even our friends who are marrying for a second time are doing it!

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