Civil wedding ceremonies

Where to start? No matter how simple or elaborate your wedding is shaping up to be if you stick to a basic wedding ceremony plan you can’t go wrong, its the words that matter….by that I mean, in your own words just say what’s important to you both.

In civil wedding ceremonies an introduction can tell your guests about your journey together. Maybe it was almost unlikely that you should have fallen for one another. What was it that sealed it for you…was there a defining moment in your relationship? Have you thought about the reasons why you are marrying?

Is family important to you? If so tell them. What about your close friends? Will they all be present? Tell them how special they are…what their friendship means to you. Do your families and friends complete your circle of love? Your civil wedding ceremony is an ideal time and place to tell everyone what you feel about them.

Civil wedding ceremonies dispense with the absolute need for following tradition. They allow you more freedom to ‘do it your way’. You could ask your families and friends to give their combined blessing, their ongoing love and support to your marriage instead of having the traditional father giving his blessing to his daughters marriage.Believe me its very affirming and powerful to hear everyone say “we do”…give our blessing to this marriage.

I know its so traditional but its a very emotionally charged moment to hear the groom answer “I do” want to marry my bride and to hear the bride say “I do” want to marry my groom along with the vows that formally (and legally) ask the bride and groom do they take each other in marriage.

Wedding rings can be exchanged either in silent contemplation or with a vow heard by everyone present…..and this is followed by the celebrant declaring you husband and wife…..documents are signed and the congratulations flow!!

Civil wedding ceremonies are enhanced artistically by interspersed readings and music…..make joint decisions in this regard.

For more detailed information on planning and writing your civil wedding ceremony…….seek out Elizabeth’s e-books.

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