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Renewal of Marriage Vows

This ceremony, also known as re-affirmation of vows is for married couples wishing to renew the vows of love and commitment they took on their wedding day, whether it was 5 years or 50 years ago.

There is no legal implication relating to this ceremony.

Such a ceremony provides the couple with an opportunity for their family and community of friends to participate, witness, and affirm their love and support. This ceremony can also provide an opportunity to renew commitment, love and support for no other reason other than the couple wish to do it. If a relationship has been through a period of dislocation or their original ceremony for whatever reason was not meaningful to them, this is an opportunity to renew their vows and turn the occasion into something very very special.
Often the date of a significant anniversary is chosen for this ceremony, similarly, the original venue is sometimes reflected in the venue chosen for the ceremony and celebration. Original bridal party members or family often participate. It can be a time when favourite old songs and music are heard and much laughter and reminiscing takes place.

Intimate ceremonies with just a few guests conducted before a candle-lit dinner can be very emotive and just as special.

You may wish to include as much of your original ceremony, especially your vows, as possible. Alternatively, you can put together a completely new and very personalized ceremony with my assistance.

What next?

Make contact with me and lock in your chosen date and time.

We will then need to meet to get to know one another and to discuss questions or queries you may have.

At that time I will give you a package of information containing samples of ceremonies, additional readings, rituals, music etc to assist in the development of your personalized ceremony.This information can be emailed to you instead.
By mutual arrangement our liaison continues in person, by email, fax, phone or mail.

Close to the ceremony date, we meet again at the ceremonial venue if possible for a rehearsal, with as many members of the ceremonial group as possible.

The remainder of your fee is also paid at this time.

For couples enquiring from overseas and mainland Australia

What does my fee cover?

Payment is calculated as follows: A non refundable booking fee of $100.00 paid on booking, or at the first meeting. The balance of $250.00 is paid prior to the ceremony, usually at the rehearsal. I prefer payment in cash.

Additional costs may include a traveling charge if I am required to travel more than 80 kms (round trip).

A battery operated PA system, if required, can be made available on a for-hire basis.

Did you know I also have a renewal of marriage vows e-book?