Tailor a welcome celebration for your child

A naming, a child blessing, adoption welcome, mentor, god parent or guide parent appointment ceremonies can all be combined in or around a name ceremony.

The times we live in are changing and your naming ceremony can reflect these changes. Your unique circumstances can be included in your ceremony making for a unique and very personalized celebration for you and your family.

Consider the following ……..IVF or surrogate births for both heterosexual and gay couples; adoption of children from other cultures; blending of children into a new family situation resulting from second marriages or a commitment; the appointment of mentors/guide parents/god parents.

These are all examples of modern day circumstances that demand and deserve special acknowledgment and participation within a ceremony.

The naming ceremony is an ancient ritual celebrating the arrival of a new life and although it remains as a core ceremony in its own right we have now fashioned into it and around it all the special circumstances we as people and especially as parents, find ourselves in.

Traditional baptisms or christenings do not cater for the varying ways our children are given to us. Indeed, not so long ago a teenager (whose father had been diagnosed with a terminal disease ) whose mother wanted to appoint godparents for him in a ceremony, was refused by the church because the child was conceived through IVF. We fashioned a truly touching ceremony around a naming ritual incorporating the appointment of his two godparents, beautiful readings and vows that reflected the values and beliefs of the family.

Don’t give up in despair thinking a ceremony does not exist that embraces your needs or unique situation. Take a peek at my naming ceremony information. I am sure you’ll be inspired to go ahead and plan a celebration of welcome for your child.


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