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A couple who met while out on a walking trail in a bushland reserve had their ceremony in the same reserve. Symbolically, it was their wish to capture and re-create the origins of  their journey together in their marriage ceremony. They wanted to start their journey of married life together right at the beginning of their knowing one another.

Standing together surrounded only by trees and the sounds of the breeze in the grasses and leaves and the birds calling to one another from on high the ceremony began by stating that it is important to recognize where love comes from in our lives. The couple recognized that it was their parents who first cared for them, and loved them; that it was their parents who showed them what love, compassion, kindness and care is and without this they would not be the people that they were today. And so, special recognition was made to the parents for their nurturing..

After a ‘tying of the knot’, Handfasting Ritual, the following reading, (in keeping with the wedding theme idea of nature, trees and nurturing) was read……..

‘Tree of Life’ by Melanie James ~ “Today is not the culmination but just the beginning of a growing love; Today just plants the seed from which will grow a new tree of life yet untried, untested. Possibly a tall eucalyptus tree, able to bend with the winds and storms; Maybe a wattle, reliably bright – symbol of nation, of what’s right and true. Or maybe a new breed to us yet unknown, which finds meaning and purpose anew. Today’s wedding is just the tree’s planting. Our friendship and love provides the rich soil; Our best wishes add the right warmth and light; Your life until now has just tilled the earth, working together from here makes love grow”.

Consider weaving a theme throughout your wedding ceremony to symbolize your own journey, your unique story and by doing so totally personalize your own wedding ceremony. Use a ceremony venue, your own story, your values and beliefs, readings and music to create and enhance a ceremony theme which is relevant and really special to you.

Elizabeth has captured many beginnings in ceremonies she has conducted by utilizing themes. Take a peek at a unique collection of wedding ceremonies, many of  which have a theme:

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